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Academic supports
Volunteers are one of many academic supports

Programs/Services available to Risen Christ Students

The following programs/services are available to students needing extra support to be successful in school:

  • Title I: This federally funded program is administered through the Minneapolis Public Schools and provides eligible students with extra support in reading and/or math. Students eligible for Title I services may receive them through our Saturday school program, summer school or by working with a counselor or social worker.
  • Title III: This federally funded program, also administered through the Minneapolis Public Schools, provides resources and supports for students whose first language is not English. We administer the LAS links English language acquisition assessment to all incoming students whose first language is not English, to determine whether they qualify for Title III services
  • Zero Hour: Middle school students have the opportunity to attend Zero Hour, our before-school homework help center. Zero Hour runs from 8:30-9:30am Monday-Friday.
  • Special Education: Risen Christ School works closely with MPS to provide appropriate special education services for those children who qualify. Those services may include referral, assessment and either direct or indirect services here or at a public school site.   Risen Christ is unable to provide special education services that may require additional personnel, facilities or other resources.
  • School Social Worker: Risen Christ School has the services of a full-time licensed school social worker through a partnership with Catholic Charities. Students or families may contact our social worker, Jane Keple, for assistance on issues that may be getting in the way of their well-being or success in school.
  • City Connects Social Worker: Risen Christ School has the services of a full-time licensed social worker, Lindsay O’Keefe. She comes via a partnership with Boston College. Students or families can develop and build a network of support that serves them now and in the future.