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Setting Foundations
Our students lay the foundation for success in high school and beyond.

Assessment Information

The best measure of student achievement at Risen Christ Catholic School is our graduates’ success in high school and beyond. We strive for 100% acceptance rates at the best college prep high schools in the area.

Risen Christ Catholic School, which is a K-8 school, uses multiple measures to assess student progress and achievement. Curriculum-based measures include portfolios, work samples, rubrics and end-of unit exams. Standardized test instruments include the Children’s Progress Academic Assessment (CPAA) in K-2, Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) in K-5, and Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA-III) in grades 6-8.

Student assessment results and other data are used to guide instruction and target skills students need to master, so all can achieve their full potential. To see our most recent test scores, please visit our Proven Results page.

MCA Test Schedule For Public View

Who takes which test when?

Window – March 28th to May 11th

MAP Schedule

Map April 23rd to May 11th

GALA is on Friday April 27th

Good Friday is on April 30th

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
April 9 April 10 April 11  

April 12


April 13
April 16

6th Read MCA

April 17

6th Read MCA

April 18

7th Read MCA

April 19

8th Read MCA

April 20

8th Math MCAA

April 23

6th Math MCA


April 24

2A reading

7th Math MCA

April 25

2B reading


April 26


KA reading

April 27

KB reading


April 30

2a Math

2b Math

May 1

3b reading

1b reading (2:40)

May 2

1a reading

3A reading

May 3

KA math

3b math

May 4

Kb Math

3a math

May 7

4 reading Library

5 reading (library)

May 8

4 Math Library

1b math (2:40)

May 9

1a math

5 math (library)

May 10



May 11


The first class in each box will test in the morning; the second class listed will test in the afternoon.  Morning testing can start at 10:10; afternoon testing can start at 1:50.