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Strategic Plan
Our plan for 2017-2023 outlines the steps to a bright future.

Risen Christ Strategic Plan

At the heart of our strategic plan is our mission to provide a transformative Catholic education that educates the whole child. Our agenda for 2017-2023 is ambitious but our efforts are bolstered by our interactions with the children each day and our steadfast Faith in the power of Christ-centered education.

The five objectives of our plan are summarized below.

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1. Risen Christ will become a K–8 dual immersion school.

The strategies included in this objective will guide us as the dual immersion program moves forward, ultimately encompassing all grade levels in the 2022-23 school year. We will also explore adding Pre-K programming for children ages 5 and under.

2. Risen Christ will meet the academic needs of all learners.

This objective focuses on the identification of appropriate curriculum, technology, and instructional resources which are aligned to subject area standards.

3. Risen Christ will meet the physical, social and emotional needs of its students.

This objective involves the enhancement and expansion of the programs which focus on our students’ most essential needs. We will also engage parents to identify, celebrate and honor culture through events, curriculum and celebrations held annually.

4. Risen Christ will become financially sustainable.

Strategies in this objective address the financial needs of the school which include capital debt and other obligations. Elimination of debt is the single most important thing we can do to secure our future. We will also increase contributions to the school by engaging new supporters and inspiring planned giving.

5. Risen Christ will maintain a safe environment and operate efficiently.

The structural and procedural needs of the school will be addressed through facility improvement planning, efficient data management, and by streamlining key maintenance and administrative functions.

Click here to view the full plan with detailed timelines, strategies and action steps.